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Our Mission

Our Mission "At the T.E.K. Foundation CC, Inc., dba Give a Child a Voice, is dedicated to empowering children and their families as they confront life-threatening illnesses, bullying, and child abuse. Our legacy, rooted in the teachings of our late founder Eric Erdman, emphasizes the profound importance of every child's voice. We stand firm in our commitment to providing tools and resources that inspire children to narrate their stories with confidence and hope."

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Meet Kinleigh

Despite medical professionals giving Kinleigh Connelly a limited time due to her inoperable Diffuse Midline Gli0mas Diagnosis,  this vibrant 7-year-old is gearing up to undergo Photon Radiation. The aim is not just to manage the tumor, but to grant her more precious moments in life. Kinleigh is fiercely determined to seize each day to its fullest. With her determined spirit, she remains immersed in her passions and cherishes every experience. We humbly seek your support to aid Kinleigh in experiencing more of life, crafting enduring memories, and maximizing the time she has, all the while showcasing the incredible resilience and fervor of life in her young heart.

Join Us in Advocating for Children

Welcome to Give a Child a Voice where every child's well-being is our foremost mission. In a world where our young ones face life-threatening illnesses, the horrors of abuse, and the shadows of bullying, we stand firm as their advocates. We believe in the power of unity, and that together, with like-minded organizations, we can weave a safety net for these innocent lives. If your organization shares our mission, come join us. Let's collectively be the beacon of hope, the one source of contact, for every child in need." 

Areas Of Focus

In the face of immense challenges, families are confronted with the daunting realities of life-threatening illnesses, child abuse, and bullying. Our mission stands firm: to be a guiding light for these families, offering vital resources and education to aid and empower them in their journeys.

Childhood Cancer

A Childhood Cancer is a heart-wreching reality that no family should face. We aim to provide families with essential information, resources, and guidance to navigate this difficult journey.


Everyday, countless individuals experience the harsh reality of bullying, often stemming from differences they neither choose nor have control over. Eric Erdman's story testament to resilience, strength, and the human spirit to rise above adversity

Child Abuse

Child abuse is a grave and pervasive issue that affects children across all communities. We will continue to provide essential information about various forms of child abuse, indicators that may suggest a child is being abused. 

Make the world a better place

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