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The Journey to a Child's Voice

The T.E.K. Foundation CC Inc, dba Give a Child a Voice, stands not just as a tribute to a singular journey, but as a collective testament to the strength and resilience of several intertwined destinies. Its origins lie in the profound and poignant tale of Eric Erdman.

At 16, Eric was diagnosed with advanced brain cancer. Despite the overwhelming challenges, what stood out the most in his journey was not the adversities but the outpouring of kindness he received. This unexpected reservoir of support reshaped his life's perspective and ignited a passion to ensure others found their voice amidst challenges.

A deeply personal touchstone in Eric’s journey was his twin brother, Kyle, whose brief life of 11 days, weighing just 1lb 8oz at birth, became an inseparable part of Eric's narrative, given that Kyle's passing coincided with Eric's birth.

While Eric's fervor and commitment laid the foundation's groundwork, its spirit and mission now resonate with three steadfast torchbearers: Tylor Erdman, Eric's brother; Cole Erdman, Eric’s cousin; and Christian Zeigler, who, though not bound by blood, is every bit a part of the family, having stood unwaveringly by Eric's side throughout his battle.

With Eric's passing, an evolved mission now drives the foundation: to assist children and families as they navigate unfortunate circumstances, offering support, guidance, and a beacon of hope during their most trying times.

The "Give a Child a Voice" movement, birthed from Eric's experiences, now flourishes under their collective guidance. The T.E.K. Foundation CC Inc represents not just the enduring legacies of Eric and Kyle but also the shared commitment of Tylor, Cole, and Christian. Together, they carry the torch forward, illuminating paths for countless young souls, ensuring that every child and family feels heard, supported, and empowered.


Our Founder, Eric Erdman believed, "We are like books on a shelf; we come in all shapes and sizes, some with more chapters than others. Each year of our lives we begin a new chapter with 365 blank pages waiting to be written. Through community, together we will make an impact, one child at a time, to help a child break their silence and find their voice".

Core Values:

We believe in giving children and families the tools and knowledge they need to face challenges head-on.


We raise awareness on issues like bullying, child abuse, and childhood illnesses, ensuring that no child feels alone in their struggle.



Guided by the wisdom of our founder, Eric Erdman, we hold the conviction that even if we cannot always dictate our destiny, we possess the inherent strength to transcend our circumstances. In doing so, we pave a path of hope and fortitude that not only uplifts ourselves but also serves as a beacon for others.


We recognize the strength in unity. Our foundation seeks to create a supportive network for families navigating                  through  their most trying times.

Knowledge is power. We prioritize sharing valuable information to help children and families understand and address their challenges effectively.

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