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The Journey to Change

Give a Child a Voice Ribbn Cutting

Providing a place to be inspired

"Before I was diagnosed with a life-threatening terminal illness, I fought every day of my life to find peace and strength to face my painful past, due to being a victim of child abuse and bullying. I started to transform my mind and body by going to the gym to create and focus on the best version of me. The gym allowed me to shut out all the noise in my life which eventually led to finding my voice, from the help and support of my community.


 Today, I am no longer a victim, and I did find my voice, I am the author of my story. It is my goal and mission to help children across America to be the author of their story, so they too may find their voices." 

My foundation and I plan  to continue to create and build resources  for students, parents, educators, and communities throughout the country so children (our future leaders) may be the best version of themselves." - Eric Erdman

Give a Child a Voice Fitness Center Vol.
Give a Child a Voice Fitness Center Vol.1

See the transformation

Give a Child a Voice Weight Room Vol.2

See the transformation


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