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Kinleigh Connelly's Ultimate Christmas

Embracing the Connellys: A Christmas to Remembe

Embracing the Connellys: A Christmas to Remember

Facing what could be their last Christmas together, let's ensure the Connelly family feels an overwhelming tide of love and support. For Kinleigh, and for those she holds dear—her siblings, her parents—each moment this season is a testament to the love they share and the memories they've created. Help us embrace and uplift them, making this holiday a beacon of hope, strength, and unwavering love. Stand with the Connellys, and let's create a Christmas that will live on in their hearts forever. #LastingConnellyMemories

🎁 Bringing Holiday Magic: Making Kinleigh's Christmas Extraordinary with Help from Give a Child a Voice! 🎁

As the Give a Child a Voice Foundation, our mission for the Connelly's is to create moments of joy and hope for their child, Kinleigh, facing adversity.


This holiday season, we are deeply touched to be part of something truly extraordinary as we come together to make Kinleigh's Christmas the most memorable one ever.

Kinleigh, a brave soul who has been given limited time, is at the heart of this meaningful endeavor.


As an organization profoundly dedicated to enriching the lives of children like Kinleigh, we are deeply moved and honored to partner with her family. Given the constraints on her everyday experiences due to her limited time, together, we pledge to fill each moment with joy, comfort, and warmth, making every second count

We're diving deep into a realm of endless possibilities, aiming to fulfill the heartfelt wishes of Kinleigh and her siblings. This ultimate Christmas, with their expressed desires leading the way, is set to be an unforgettable celebration. Their wishes, from sentimental keepsakes to considerate tokens, guide us in creating a truly magical festive experience. 🌟


Life is a beautiful mosaic of countless moments, each one adding color and texture to our existence. Christmas, in particular, stands out as a radiant tile in this grand design, always shining with special memories and emotions. As we approach this festive season, let's contribute another vibrant chapter to the Connelly Christmas albums


Additional Items
To make the Kinleigh Family Christmas Magical


Join Santa's Helpers in a special venture outside of Amazon, tailored just for Grandpa

As we venture outside Amazon, it's essential for Santa's Helpers to recognize that Grandpa isn't just an occasional presence; he's an integral part of Kinleigh's daily routine, life, and heart. Dive into a festive realm where memories of yesteryears merge with the joy of today. Let's celebrate the magic of Grandpa and Kinleigh together. More than just shopping, our time with Grandpa is a tribute to his enduring spirit and the cherished moments we share


Please send all Gifts to
be wrapped and delivered for the Connelly Family no later than November 28, 2023.

Send to: 65 Queen Street Office, Northumberland, PA 17857
Monday - Thursday if possible
Attention Wendy 

Special Thank you to the GBW for wrapping and delivering. This is wonderful group made up of Mothers, Daughters, and Friends.

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