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"As the mother of Eric, Kyle, and Tylor Erdman, our family's journey through heartbreak and challenges has been profound. With 'Give a Child a Voice,' inspired by my sons' resilience and the strength of Tylor navigating alongside, I aim to be a guiding light for families facing similar battles. By connecting healthcare, emotional support, financial resources, and more, we can create a stronger support system. My sons' stories are the driving force behind this mission, and I wholeheartedly invite organizations to collaborate with us. Together, let's ensure that no child or family feels isolated or voiceless in their trials."

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Benefits of Partnering Countinued.

When organizations partner with us, they become integral to a dynamic network dedicated to championing children's rights and well-being.



Uniting organizations harnesses a synergy that magnifies our capability to serve children in need. By pooling our social media strengths, we can substantially expand our audience, bringing heightened awareness and resources to our mission. Cross-promotion stands as a key benefit, enhancing credibility for both parties and broadening our influence in the advocacy domain. In the business of child welfare, such strategic alliances aren't merely about collaboration—they're about amplifying our collective impact for the greater good

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Harness the opportunity to co-design and partake in unique events, fundraisers, and awareness drives. By pooling our energies, we can ensure robust and lasting outcomes.



Aligning with our causes enhances your organization's reputation in child advocacy. Our unwavering commitment to children’s well-being reflects positively on our partners, highlighting their skills, dedication, and the value they bring to the table.

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Benefit from mutual exchanges of insights, strategies, and experiences. Our partnership stands as a testament to collective growth and the evolution of best practices.

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Dive into a pool of shared knowledge, tools, and resources, amplifying our ability to make a difference in the lives of the children we serve.

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Engage with a community that's compassionate, responsive, and deeply committed to the cause. The relationships built through this partnership can be the catalyst for transformative change.

"I know I am on borrowed time. Each day I have left on this earth is another day I raise my voice for many boys and girls who suffer in silence. It's a hard fight to end child abuse, bullying, and life-threatening illnesses in children. But we have to try. We have to keep pushing. The more people who get involved, who join the fight, to give a child a voice, is one more step closer to making this world a better place." Eric Erdman

Empowering Families in Times of Crisis: Give a Child a Voice

At Give a Child a Voice, we are dedicated to providing a haven of support and empowerment for families dealing with life-threatening illnesses, bullying, and child abuse. Through our website, we aim to offer a wealth of valuable resources carefully curated to assist these families during their most challenging times. From informative articles and expert advice to community forums and counseling services, our goal is to be a comprehensive hub where families can find guidance, solace, and the tools they need to navigate these deeply sensitive issues. Together, we believe we can help these families find their strength, resilience, and, most importantly, their voice in the face of adversity.

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