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Say Hello to Kinleigh Connelly

Meet Kinleigh

Celebrating a Milestone: Kinleigh Connelly's Journey

Kinleigh Connelly, a remarkable 7-year-old with an inoperable Diffuse Midline Glioma, has recently completed her Photon Radiation treatment. Originally, medical professionals predicted a limited timeline for her, but Kinleigh continues to defy expectations with her unwavering spirit and zest for life. This brave young girl has not only faced her treatment with courage but also with an infectious enthusiasm for every day. Kinleigh's journey is a testament to her fierce determination to live each moment to its fullest. She engages deeply in her passions and finds joy in every experience. As she embarks on the next chapter post-radiation, we warmly invite your support to help Kinleigh continue to savor life's wonders, create lasting memories, and maximize every moment she has. Your support celebrates Kinleigh’s remarkable resilience and the incredible vibrancy she brings to life.

Kinleigh's Journey

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