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Say Hello to Kinleigh Connelly

Meet Kinleigh

Despite medical professionals giving Kinleigh Connelly a limited time due to her inoperable Diffuse Midline Gli0mas Diagnosis,  this vibrant 7-year-old is gearing up to undergo Photon Radiation. The aim is not just to manage the tumor, but to grant her more precious moments in life. Kinleigh is fiercely determined to seize each day to its fullest. With her determined spirit, she remains immersed in her passions and cherishes every experience. We humbly seek your support to aid Kinleigh in experiencing more of life, crafting enduring memories, and maximizing the time she has, all the while showcasing the incredible resilience and fervor of life in her young heart.

Ways to Support Kinleigh

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Meal Train is for everyone who could use some help during common life events.

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Kinleigh's Journey

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