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Thank you for your Nominations

Which school will be chosen?

We want to thank everyone for their submissions on the Give a Child a Voice Fitness Center Giveaway!! It was a very hard process for Eric to choose, so many heart wrenching stories and so many deserving schools.


Eric has narrowed it down to two finalists and he will be visiting and touring them both in the next couple of weeks.

(1) Dallas - Life High School Oak Cliff – The school has suffered the loss of a handful of students due to violence and suicide. They have also been compensating for the lack of gym space by using the building across the street for assemblies. Life High School Oak Cliff

(2) California - Saugus High School - The school has been dealing with the traumatic experience of a recent shooting. We’re hoping to bring back hope to some of the victims. Saugus High School

Let's build a new Gym for a deserving school!

Do you know of a high school that is badly in need of a new weight room? Let us know, and it could be the next to be transformed. Anyone can nominate a high school – you don’t have to be a student or faculty. 

Eric's Story

On behalf of Eric we are proud to announce the “Give a Child a Voice Fitness Center Give-A-Way.”  Your nomination will go towards building a new Give a Child a Voice gym and will help more children find their voices. 

School Nomination Form

Tell Us Why You Are Nominating This School

Please explain why your high school is in need and deserving of a new weight room. Please touch on the following details:

  • Why is the school in need of a new weight room?

  • What would it mean to the school and students to receive a new weight room?

  • Has there been an event that has impacted the community, school, or a student where a weight room renovation would align with or benefit with ending bullying, ending child abuse and supporting those with childhood illnesses?

Please upload a video and/ or photos of why you feel you should win. Have fun with it, be creative, share photos of the current gym, and show Eric why he should select your school.

Upload File
Upload File
Upload File

What is your age?  If under 18, we will need to speak to your parent or guardian.


Thank you for submitting your school

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